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You can now follow me on facebook !

Social media is a great deal of work and I now have a website, twitter, and facebook  and mailing list for my author profile all to occupy my time.   It’s a little intimidating trying to gain followers all the while posting relevant and intriguing information that people want to read about.  I’m not quite sure where the sweet spot is.  How many post do people want to read a week?  Do I post more to gain followers or does that risk overloading people to where they unsubscribe?  I don’t know.  I’m  going to try to use this blog to tell my self-publishing journey and use facebook and twitter for the other stuff.

I know a lot of new or aspiring authors are curious about results of self-publishing.  I know I was and am.  I’m constantly comparing my ranking with others who just started out.  Some people are breakout successes,  I don’t think I will be.  But I plan to keep writing and working hard so that one day my writing can pay the bills.  As I post a look into my journey, I will try to be as transparent as possible to help you see my successes and failures as this all unfolds.


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