Two Weeks In: An update

Two weeks have passed since I clicked ‘save and publish’ and sent Undead Love into the wild wild world of Amazon.  It’s been a great experience, full of ups and downs, and I have learned a great deal.  I have yet to do any promo outside of posting on twitter, facebook and here, but sells have been steady, averaging about 2 a day.  Not bad for launching under a pen name with no following.   I’m 7,000 words into book two, and when it is ready to go, I plan to invest heavily in promos for book one while it is dropped to .99 and hoping for a large follow through to book 2.

In the past two weeks, I have sold 26 copies and gained 7,800 page reads in Kindle Unlimited while maintaining a sales rank between 20-50k.

One mistake I made was launching the book at $3.99.  It was at this price point for two days before I decided it was better priced at $2.99.  For optimum sales, I probably should have priced it at .99 for the first week before raising the price the $2.99.  I believe this hurt my initial sales rank in the first few days, as people are less willing to shell out more money on an unproven author.

I also wish I had given out ARCs, so that I would have reviews coming in early on.  So far, I only have two reviews and I know this holding me back somewhat compared to other books on the hot new releases.

I’ve had a few down days over the course of this.  On 3 days, I had no sales, but on some days, I would sell 3 or 4 books.  It’s always scary after a day with no sales because I wonder, is this it?  Am I done until book 2 comes out, but so far, the next day invariably picks up again.

This Saturday was an extremely hard day for me.  I had zero sales and only 3 page reads.  This sent me into a bit of a panic and reminded me of one review that said my description was so cliche she almost didn’t buy the book, but after reading it she loved it.  So I began to wonder, was my blurb holding back my sales?  Commence several hours of trying to figure out how to fix this, rewriting, editing.  I posted on kboards, which is a great resource for self-published authors, and received a lot of great feedback.  I was stumbling across the top amazon kindle books, clicking their blurbs, wondering what it is that makes them work when I saw something that caught my eye.  One of the top books starts their blurb, not with content from the novel, but a general overview of what it offers the reader.  I took this and ran with it.  I started my blurb off with “An enticing debut novel, Undead Love explores loss and love in the desolation of a post-apocalyptic America.”  I didn’t change anything else, only adding this to the beginning.  In the next few hours my page reads began to climb.  It is only noon and I have over 1000 page reads, beating out my old record by over 100.  Could this be coincidence?  Maybe.  But it could also be the hook I was missing.  If it turns out to be a turning point in my sales, I’ll update again.  Otherwise, expect another sales update in two weeks when I detail everything I have learned in one month of being a self-published author.


2 thoughts on “Two Weeks In: An update

  1. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been watching how your launch is doing in preparation for my own… sometime in the future. I really appreciate reading your trial and error — but feel bad you have to go through it! I’ll definitely use your tip on the blurb here when I post my own.


    1. Thanks, It’s always interesting to see how things unfold for others. I’ve seen some people skyrocketing up the charts and some hardly ever sell a book.

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