Kindle Countdown Results

My first kindle countdown deal ended last night.  For the past week, Undead Love has been 99 cents.  I booked one small promo on the first day for $7 through Bookraid and I think I received a good ROI.   Over the course of the week, I sold 28 books.  This is almost as much as I did for the entire first month, so I will call it a success.  Not sure how many downloads I received through KU, but I was consistently ranked in the 20,000s for the duration of the week and my KU page reads have remained steady.  I’m interested to see how this affects my sales over the next few days now that the promo is over.  If my theory is correct, I will see an increase in page reads due to the people who downloaded while it was on promo.

Now, it’s time to get to work.  This was the only big promo I have until book two is ready.  I’m almost halfway through with the first draft so I just need to buckle down and get it out.  I do have a review and one facebook event coming at the end of the month that might move a few books.

Until next time.

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