Undead Love: Not Alone blurb

Here is the blurb I’m running with for Undead Love: Not Alone, available for preorder on Amazon.  Let me know your thoughts.

“The virus is here, you should go home if you can.”

Those were the last words Connor had the chance to say to Juliet before the zombies overtook their small town. Now, after two years, their paths have unexpectedly crossed again.

Cedric, Juliet’s father, strongly disapproves of the sparks he sees reigniting between his daughter and Connor–the boy he had once banned from his daughter’s life. But now, on the run from the vile inhabitants of their last encampment, Cedric has no choice but to accept temporary refuge at Connor’s farm while he works on a plan to get himself and his daughter to safety.

Juliet’s father is the only family she has left. Even still, she can’t deny that the only place she truly wants to seek refuge is in Connor’s arms, and it is no secret that he longs for the same thing. But when Connor’s brother Phil goes missing soon after Juliet and her father show up, Connor begins to wonder who he can trust. Suddenly, Juliet finds herself willing to risk anything and everything to save what is most precious to her before it is too late.


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