Undead Love Promo Results

Three weeks ago, I ran my second Kindle Countdown Deal for Undead Love at $.99 and booked around $550 worth of promotional spots and newsletters to boost Undead Love’s visibility.  I also released Undead Love: Not Alone  at $3.99 midway through the promos.  I had hoped to have it ready on the first day, but scheduling conflicts arose and the promo dates could not be changed, so I had to go forward as planned.  Before this, I was average about a sale a day and between 250-1000 page reads with a ranking of around 30k.  Here are the results from that week:

Dec 12th:  Eileen Cruz Coleman paranormal newsletter
Sales:24  Page reads:86  ranking:7,812

Dec 13th: I Love Vampire Novels, My Romance Reads, Booksends
Sales: 55 Page reads: 477 ranking: 3735

Dec 14th (Book 2 goes live): Books Butterfly, ENT, Bargain Booksy
Sales:51 Page reads: 1333 ranking: 2652

Dec 15th: Books Butterfly, OHFB
Sales:28 Page Reads: 1483 ranking: 2407

Dec 16th: Books Butterfly, Red Roses Romance
Sales: 14 Page Reads:194 ranking: 4271

Dec 17th: No Promos, Still $.99 Kindle Countdown Deal
Sales: 3 Page reads: 2445 ranking: 8250

Dec 18th: No Promos, Still $.99 Kindle Countdown Deal
Sales: 6 Page Reads: 1659 ranking: 10,298

Dec 19th: Back to full price
Sales: 1 Page Reads: 1885 ranking: 15,000

In the following weeks, I have sold 1-2 books a day and averaged over 4 figures in page reads.  For the month of December, I sold over 200 books between books 1 and 2 and have over 30,000 page-reads.   I did not break even on my promo budget during the first week, but I have recouped about 75% of the budget since then and imagine it will have paid for itself by mid-January.

I will admit that I had loftier goals, I had hoped to sell anywhere from 600-1000 copies and make back all my expenses the first week.  But honestly, I can’t complain.  My page reads are where I want them and as I continue to release more books, they will continue to rise.  I have built a world that people enjoy.  Good reviews continue to sporadically come in and as I currently work on book 3, I feel it has the potential to be the best one yet.

My biggest question is if marketing my novel in the paranormal romance newsletters was the wiser choice over say sci-fi or romantic suspense?

All in all, it was a good learning experience and the fact that I will make my money back and have several hundred new readers to potentially sell to in the future makes me happy.  I’m not able to go full time just yet, but by the end of 2017, I think I’ve got a shot.

My goals going forward are to finish book 3 as soon as possible, get more reviews on book 1 and try for a bookbub sometime this year. I’m also in the process of researching for a new series I plan to start this spring.


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