2017 goals

The new year is here.  I don’t like to make resolutions.  To me, resolutions are too limiting.  Too strict.  They are too self-defeating.  Instead, I prefer to make goals.  For the past 4 years, I have a notebook where I write out anywhere from 5-15 things I would like to accomplish over the year.  Since it is a years worth of work, some are lofty.  Some of these are professional, some personal, some relating to my physical well-being.  Usually, I don’t meet all of them.  Sometimes not even half.  But the ones I do complete leave me feeling accomplished.  Since this blog has been primarily devoted to my writing, I’ll share the writing goals I have for the next year:

  1.  Publish 4 novels.  This is doable.  I am currently about 25-30% through the first draft of Undead Love 3.  I have a completed novel in a different genre I will be publishing under another pen name once I make a few changes and send it off to an editor.  I also have a general idea of Undead Love book 4, a plot for a romantic fairy tale retelling and a novel in a subgenre I think is about to explode.   So the ideas are there, and if I keep the pace I am on, then I will definitely hit my goal.
  2. Read 25 books.  The best way to get better at writing is to read.  I have upped my books read every year for the last 4 years from 17 to 22 to 24.  This years I am shooting for 25, so I’ll need to read at least 2 a month.
  3.  Live 50% off of my writing income.  If I meet my goal of publishing 4 novels by the end of the year, this is doable.   Currently, I live about 10-25% off of my writing income.  I plan to pay off my car in the next couple of months so that number will continue to go up and as each book adds to my stable, it will add to the passive income each novel brings.

So there you have it.  Do you have any goals for 2017?


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