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Hello, AAR! I’m here today to talk about romance, the apocalypse, and what it’s like to be a male writing in a field dominated and consumed by women. It’s an exciting opportunity for me to share my thoughts with you, so why don’t we get right down to it.

Whenever I tell people that I write romance novels, I almost always get the same reaction: a smile, a laugh, and then a ‘you’re kidding, right,’ followed by an immense amount of intrigue. They find it so hard to believe that I, a young (29), tattooed male, who looks like he belongs in a band, spends his days writing about love, sex, and emotions. I don’t necessarily think it is any harder being a male who writes romance, but I think women are usually more drawn to female writers because they at least know the writing is coming from a similar experience. I’ve always felt in touch with my feelings, even though in large part there is a stigma against men being vulnerable. This helps me to craft stories that have as much heart and soul as action and adventure.

When I was a young boy, I never would have thought that I would write a romance novel, let alone three. I write post-apocalyptic romance, where my characters attempt to find love in a world ravaged by zombies. The first novel in the series, Undead Love, centers around Rus, a loner-widower, and Polly, a badass, independent woman with more walls than Donald Trump could ever dream of building. The idea for the story came from my love for The Walking Dead. I wondered what it would be like to take the danger, suspense, and zombies and include them in a character-driven, romantic plot. The reason that The Walking Dead is so successful is because of the characters. It’s not just a blood and gore fest, it’s about real people with real problems just trying to survive. For me, I never thought love would die out in the apocalypse. When the world ends, love will be more important than ever, because it is one of the things that separates the living from the dead. That’s what I wanted to show in my novels.

The thing that drew me to apocalyptic stories, and subsequently led to me to write Undead Love, was my curiosity of how life goes on once civilization collapses. I grew up in the south, where people farmed and hunted. There are more than a fair share of southerners who could fend for themselves in such terrible times. I never questioned if there would be survivors, the part that appealed to me is what they would do in their downtime. More specifically, what would their relationships be like and is humanity without laws and society inherently good or evil? Undead Love: Not Alone, the second book in the series, definitely takes a look at the darker side.

Lee Sutherland dwells on the edge of reality and imagination, writing dark, sexy stories set in a terrible future. His most recent book is Not Alone.


One month after promos-update

January was my first month since my big promo push.  I can happily say that I have recovered my investment and then some.  Here is what my January sales looked like between the two books:

Undead Love – Sales: 24 Page Reads: 19,000

Undead Love: Not Alone – Sales: 22 Page Reads: 7,000

What I can gather from this is that most people who buy book 1 are buying book 2.  However, there are almost 3 times as many people reading book 1 as book 2 in Kindle Unlimited.  I’m not sure what is holding back book 2 as far as page reads goes.  It could be that people who downloaded it last month are finally getting around to reading it. Book 2 doesn’t seem to be getting as many downloads in KU, because the ranking on most days is not nearly as high.

I thought that having a shirtless man on the cover of book 2 might help shift more copies, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.  Therefore with upcoming books, I think I will go back to the clothed hero because that is what I like better.  Also, it’s the apocalypse, wear a damn shirt.

What’s next?  I am two chapters away from finishing the first draft of book 3.  It’s been a rollicking good time.  If you thought book 2 was too dark and preferred the fun of book 1, then I think this story gets back to that.  The characters, especially the hero, have been a ton of fun and I think that translates onto the page.  When I launch book 3, I want to do a boxed set of the first three books and run some more promos.  I have enough reviews now to apply for some of the promos I couldn’t do last go around.

Also, anyone who is interested in Beta reading book 3, send me your email and I’d be happy to have you on board.  Spots are limited.